Cybot Galactica

Welcome to Cybot Galactica, the Premiere Droid Producer in the galaxy.
Cybot Specializes in many well known humanoid droid forms, most notably the 3PO line. As well as several worker droid such as the WED or the LIN Miner.

At Cybot our staff are bright, courteous, and hard working. We strive to bring you high quality droids for all needs, at the most affordable prices. Customer service and satisfaction are priority. With full construction and production services and a whole host of others, we also are proud to have on time guarantees to make sure your order is ready when you need it.

Cybot welcomes all forms of life to purchase our products and are neutral to all. Our droids are built to last and perform to the highest standard. Our wide variety of droids will insure that your investment in a droid from us is well worth it. Choose Cybot for all your droid needs or you may end up with a garbage can with wheels ...

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Our History


Back in the days of old, when krayt dragons and rancors roamed the lands, a young mutated Duros by the name of Jaxom Sky was running ZOMM Racing in what would eventually become Silverhelm Entertainment Media Inc. as part of the original Corporate Sector Authority.

However, when the leader eventually looted the company, Jaxom, rather than being promoted from second in command to president was brought into another one of the CSA's companies, and ZOMM was absorbed as an internal division.
It would later be reincarnated, but during that point Jaxom was left doing very little with no room for growth. Likewise, the avid gambler, he had recently come into over 30 million credits, some 50 years worth of monthly salaries in those days. When it came to card games, he was unparalleled.

A member of the CSA DirEx Board, Koz Ofyurdeth approached him about branching off and starting their own company. Koz had planned to create his own military government, the Invisible Army, and wanted Jaxom to join him.
The agreement was simple. Since Koz would hold control of the Brak Sector when he split off and found the government, he would provide the funding for the government's endeavors and salaries for the members.
Meanwhile, Jaxom would put funding into creating a droid production company, roughly 30 million credits worth. He would receive a 35% stake in the ownership of the company with the Invisible Army owning the rest. Jaxom would be responsible for running both the fledgling droid production company. As well he would run the reconnaissance division of the Invisible Army, and wear a few other hats as needed.
The Invisible Army would provide funding and salaries for the faction.
The final caveat of the deal, was that in the event that the droid production group would ever be sold, Jaxom would be the one to get ownership of it.

While this occurred, Koz also formed Lant Mining Corporation to provide the raw materials for the fledgling government and to Cybot Galactica's production lines.
Months passed and the Invisible Army expanded into a fairly respectable size with a serious member base and lots of territory.
People who passed under Jaxom's leadership included Nomak Drome (a former leader in The Krath groups), Sith Anax (later renamed to Anax Noctru of Byblos Drive Yards) and a number of others Frezt Acoma, later Frezt Raleigh (who made The Krath what it is today) also worked with Jaxom at numerous times and the Invisible Army, and Cybot Galactica with it, continue to grow.
It later expanded into having a vehicle production company (Aratech), and a weapons company (Wetworks Designs). All in all it was a fairly respectable force.

However, less than a year after of it's inception the Invisible Army was dissolved. Koz suddenly vanished and Jager Bane took over the government. During this time he stripped the government of everything it had, and, abusing his technical ownership over it's nationalized companies, he stripped them as well. Much of the stripped assets were used to found The Twelve Colonies, a government that lasted a number of years.

Once stripped of the assets though, Jager felt no need to keep the shells of the companies around sold them off. During this proccess, and before stepping down as head of a government though, he put his own trusted people in control of the companies. It was at this point that Jaxom, on a short leave of abscence, was replaced as CEO of Cybot Galactica by Arkuturs Mensk.
When Jaxom returned, he was shocked to find his company decimated, most of the employees scattered to the winds, and himself locked out of company assets. His ownership of the Zaltin Corpoation which he had placed in trust in Cybot stolen, along with the entire Dorin system, which he had personally won while gambling.
Fortunately, during his time in CSA, he had befriended Jesfa Ackmin, a Mon Calamari whom most thought very little of. Jesfa had a thing for droid companies, having founded Magnaguard Manufacturing with CSA (prior to being kicked out) and having bought Cerberus Corporation after that.

Jesfa had recently begun talks with Rhys Skywalker of The Antarian Rangers and they decided to create their own conglomerate with an eye towards becoming a government. Together, they purchased Cybot Galactica about a week prior to Jaxom's return, and upon establishing communication with them, decided to put Jaxom back in charge of Cybot to help it grow and recover.
About a month later, Rhys decided to give Jaxom ownership of Cybot Galactica to make him a full partner in their work. When they made the purchase of Cybot Galactica, they had also purchased it's sister company Aratech with it.

Eventually, Jesfa would purchase ownership of the Bounty Hunters Guild as well. As the group began to grow, Jesfa dubbed the group The Sons and Daughters of Freedom and created a legally registered company for the SDF itself.

This was a short period of intense burst of growth. It was during this time that due to the hard work that Cybot Galactica put into the growth of the SDF, Jesfa gifted Cybot Galactica with an uncharted system to use and develop as it's own. This was the Rigel system, later renamed to the Asher system.

The SDF began it's construction of a tax moon and began construction on it's other planets as well.
Unfortunately months later, Jesfa Ackmin met with a fatal heart attack. Falnor Urthadar was made leader of the fledgling government and decided to change things up, renaming the SDF to the Tresario Star Kingdom he sought massive expansion of the infrastructure. However, due to issues with funds, he began to seek outside help from the Falleen Federation as well. The Falleen Federation being the experts on well designed planets to generate massive amounts of wealth, and the Galactic Government at the time.

The Falleen Federation agreed to give help, both in funding and expertise, but they required that one of their own be instated as second in command and it was agreed. It was then that it was discovered that while the Tresario Star Kingdom held ownership of most of the groups, that while everyone knew Jaxom Sky owned Cybot Galactica personally, and was a member of the high command, Falnor had taken personal ownership of the Bounty Hunters Guild unbeknownst to most others, and had been slowly embezzling funds from the fledgling kingdom into the group, including some of it's critical tax generating moons.

The FF was demonstrably angry and demanded his removal, and eventually, Falnor was removed however, due to his actions, the FF installed a puppet leader in his place and made the TSK fully subservient to it.

Cybot Galactica stayed around for a while to help things, but eventually, felt the need to separate rather than become a client faction of a government it no longer had the same voice in. Thus began Cybot's long years of independence and neutrality