R1 Series Astromech

Price: 45,000 credits


The first model in the R-series of astromech droids was also the first droid to target capital ships. Previously, owners had claimed that their crew worked better than “just another droid,” but many were pleasantly surprised by the R1 droid.

Based around the jet black body of discontinued Mark II labour drone models, the dense shielding of this body protects the droid from the highest levels of radiation and even pressure and temperature extremes, allowing the droid to operate under the most intense conditions.

The centre of the R1’s design is the Intellex III computer brain, which contains an intensive catalog of hundreds of starship configurations. The R1 was also the first astromech to calculate navigational coordinates for a single hyper jump; previously it had to be done manually. This computer core was later used in the Cloakshape fighters due to its high efficiency. The R1 is so sophisticated that it can be left to pilot the capital ship on its own until it reached its destination, even if the pilot needs to enter another ship docked within.

RX Pilot

Price: 60,000 credits


A piloting droid once made exclusively for the Starspeeder 3000 series, the RX is a capable droid programmed to follow very specific coordinates between landing pads stored in its memory. Over time, its programming has been improved and it is now able to pilot any fighter or freighter and can even engage other ships in combat long enough to get to safety. Equipped with an advanced diplomacy chip, it is able to converse pleasantly with passengers, and is quite a capable pilot able to avoid sudden dangers that may appear. Although rather antiquated, the series still draws its share of enthusiasts who find its programming especially useful since it can take control of the ship and continue piloting the ship until it reaches its destination even when the pilot has left the ship and entered another vessel docked within it.