Labor Droids

The common pit droid, or DUM unit, is mass-produced throughout the galaxy. Their saucer shaped heads have two antenna used to communicate with other droids. They come with fairly substandard programming, which can be upgraded. Because of their low-grade programming and overzealous work ethics they can cause a considerable amount of damage in a short period of time unless they are supervised.

WED-Series "Treadwell"

Price: 75,000 credits


A common utility droid, the WED Treadwell model is characterized by a flat, treaded base providing a low center of gravity. From this extends a spindly neck and cluster of manipulator arms. The droid has goggle-like photoreceptors mounted atop a telescoping neck. Its vocabulator speaks in a warbling binary code.

Developed by Cybot Galactica the WED-Series ‘Treadwell’ is the premier droid in the galaxy when it comes to repairs