Military Droids

Battle Droid

Price: 300,000 credits

Available exclusively on the Trade Federation Marketplace

Designed several years before the Clone Wars, the Battle Droid makes up the main infantry force of the Trade Federation. The droid's head was designed to imitate the shape of a Neimoidian's skull to strike fear in their enemies, while their bodies were modeled after the Geonosians. While earlier models were colour coded to show their role or rank, later models were coloured to blend in with their surroundings with only a numerical marking on the back of a comlink booster pack serving to distinguish one droid from another.

Battle Droids were designed for cheap, mass production and are relatively weak compared to other military droids. Their main armament includes an E-5 Droid Blaster and a few thermal grenades. Initial programming of the droids limited them to relatively simple tactics during combat such as swarming their enemies. However, during the Clone Wars, the tactical programming was improved and made more efficient overall, though the droids' reaction times during battle remain quite slow.

At first Battle Droids were managed by a central control mainframe, typically located in a starship or a well defended facility. This created a vulnerability, however, that led to severe failures after a mainframe was destroyed, so newer designs gave the droids autonomy in the case of such a catastrophic event. Battle Droids have also been coded to take a role as pilots in battle, which allows them to take control of tanks and barges if their pilot leaves the vehicle. However, they cannot operate any of the vessel's weaponry, making them relatively useless in combat operations.

BN-D0 Assassin Droid

Price: 700,000 credits

8,000,000 credits per squad

The BN-D0 model is an assassin droid designed and employed by the Twilight Foundation. Impressed with a specialized B-1 battle droid's almost successful assassination attempt on him, Twilight Foundation President Alejandro Brotingo ordered his engineers to create a new droid uniquely suited for assassination. Despite a widely-accepted ban on assassin droids, the foundation developed the droids to both eliminate the heads of rival organizations such as the GenSci Institute and protect its own executives from similar attempts.

The BN-D0 assassin droid is essentially a mashup of several different droids. The B2 super battle droid's heavy blasters were developed into specialized blaster pistols, granting the BN-D0 much more firepower than the average battle droid. The frames of both the B1 battle droid and sentinel droid models were used as inspiration for the assassin design, though lighter alloys and advanced technology were incorporated to ensure that the BN-D0 boasted a higher maneuverability and movement speed than its influences. The head of the BN-D0 serves multiple purposes and is backed with an impressive array of technology. The antenna broadcasts electronic countermeasures to shield the droid from sensors and allows for medium-range communications without the assistance of a signal booster or control ship. The droid also contains specialized reconnaissance software and hardware that grant it a longer sensor range than most battle droids.

Despite that the assassin droid is associated primarily with the Twilight Foundation, customized models have also been seen serving as scout and hunting droids for extremely wealthy individuals. Its ability to climb trees and cliffs to reach a target is unrivaled, as is its ability to remain undetected. Twilight's models have even been recorded escorting foundation executives while wearing humanoid clothing to blend in. Due to the highly adaptive and autonomous programming required for an assassin droid to be successful, it has been reported that the BN-D0 model can develop its own personality and, in some instances, a concept of superiority towards biological humanoids and even unsophisticated droids. Due to these possibilities, the Twilight Foundation keeps a close watch on each of its BN-D0 models, quickly dismantling any of the droids that begin to exhibit unusual behavior. Conversely, the foundation also maintains a strict stance against wiping the droid's memory, insisting that the learning process can be shared amongst all of the model's units to improve their overall combat operations.

While the BN-D0 model is a rare sight in the galaxy, they can always be found guarding the Twilight Foundation's executives and facilities. The proprietary droid model is also rumored to be behind several assassination attempts against the GenSci Institute's executives, though no concrete proof has ever been submitted to the galactic public.

T-Series Tactical Droid

Price: 50,000 credits


In terms of strategy and management, the T-series Tactical Droid was created as a more reliable alternative to the B1 Battle Droid and B2 Super Battle Droid. This was demonstrated in testing by their competent command of forces, from squads to entire fleets. As with most other military droids, they were designed to have varying paint schemes to signify rank.

Recently the T-Series Tactical Droid has often been found replacing more expensive military droids as cheaper, but intelligent alternatives.