R1 Series Astromech

Price: 45,000 credits

RX Pilot


Price: 60,000 credits

Battle Droid

Exclusively on the TFM

Price: 300,000 credits

BN-D0 Assassin Droid

Price: 700,000 credits

8,000,000 credits per squad

T-Series Tactical Droid

Price: 55,000 credits

3PO Protocol Droid

Price: 150,000 credits

Pit Droid

Exclusively on the TFM

Price: 50,000 credits

WED-Series "Treadwell"

Price: 75,000 credits

Probe Droid


Price: 650,000 credits

TT-8L Sentry


Price: 60,000 credits

Items and Weapons

(Sold per batch)

Droid Parts


Price: 200,000 credits

Restraining Bolts


Price: 250,000 credits

TB-1a Ionisation Blaster

Price: 750,000 credits



Price: 400,000 credits